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8/6/2008-- Seattle's nickname "The Emerald City" is ever so fitting to describe a city that is surrounded by shimmering bodies of water, snow capped mountain ranges and a beautiful dark green countryside, Seattle's glistening skyscrapers rising up in the middle of this natural beauty truly give it a jewel like appearance. The popularity of Seattle has grown in recent years, making it one of the Pacific Northwest's most popular vacation destinations. Surrounded by the natural beauty of water, mountain ranges and a lush green countryside, Seattle is a city that nature lovers are drawn to. In every direction that one looks, there is a spectacular view.

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Seattle is one of the most literate cities in the USA where 47.2 percent hold a bachelors degree and 93 percent have a high school diploma. There are 58 public schools and Seattle is home to the world famous University of Washington. Seattle University, Seattle Pacific University, Cornish College of Art and Art Institute of Seattle also contribute to the highly educated environment of the city.

Seattle job opportunities remain firm and steadfast. Seattle's employment opportunities maintain the cities stability and growth. While other large cities are struggling with economic problems that are largely affecting employments rates, Seattle offers a bright future for job opportunities. Seattle offers plenty of permanent and part time jobs and has been voted as one of the most job friendly cities of USA.

One of the goals of Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels is to "Build Strong Families and Healthy Communities", so you can expect that the communities in Seattle are equipped with centers and programs that cater to the needs of everyone. This can be seen on the Mayor's Customer Service Bureau, which is known as the venue for individual voices to be heard so services can be made available to each and every person in the city. Another thing that Seattle has which can be considered quite admirable is the presence of the Neighborhood Service Centers, all of which link the city government to the Seattle communities. The Office for Education and the Neighborhood Matching Fund are also among the great programs for the communities in Seattle. The former aids all youth and children in succeeding in their studies, while the latter is where money is handed out for improvements in the neighborhoods.

With all its natural beauty, great educational programs, job security and strong government support in the communities it is no wander that Seattle's real estate market is ranked in the top ten of the United States. If you are planning to relocate to a new place or search for an area to buy new property to invest in, then Seattle Real Estate should be one of your top choices. Nowadays, with the present real estate crisis that has been affecting and plaguing the country at large, the most advisable thing to do is to find areas that are not affected or that are least affected, or those areas that remain firm and strong in the midst of what has been happening, and one of these cities is Seattle.

The multicultural hues of Seattle are perfectly reflected in the wide range of restaurants that present delicacies from every nook and corner of the world. If you love sea food then you are in for a treat in Seattle, as sea food is top on the menu in most Seattle restaurants. Try Jacks Fish Pot for some great sea food choices. Crab Pot Restaurant and Bar, Crush, Ivar's Salmon House, the Metropolitan Steak House etc are some of the restaurants worth a mention. Visit the downtown area for some great Thai, Chinese, Cantonese, cuisine. Asian food is best served by Thai Tom restaurant in Seattle. Treat yourself to the authentic Mexican food at Agua Verdi restaurant in Seattle. A true connoisseur of multi ethnic cuisine should at least make a definite visit to the Canlis Restaurant in Seattle.

Seattle is a place where culture and the arts have been deeply preserved, valued and treasured. With the government and the people ensuring that arts and culture continue to serve as the lifeblood of the city, the Seattle arts and culture permeate in the daily lives and activities of the people. To have a glimpse of Seattle arts, particularly performing arts, you can go across the Second Avenue where you can visit the Seattle Art Museum and the Benroya Hall that has been the home of the Seattle Symphony, considered as the country's top recording and best orchestras. There are many events and activities that are being held there and also at the Seattle Center, where the McCaw Hall is the place to the Seattle Opera and also the famous Pacific Northwest Ballet. You may also want to visit for more Seattle arts and culture the Seattle Art Museum that has more than 23,000 collection and works. There is also the Seattle Asian Art Museum that is the center and venue of artistic activity. At the University of Washington, there are two famous fine arts museums - the Henry Art Gallery and the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, that emphasizes on American and Pacific Rim culture.

Seattle has an almost endless wealth of entertainment spots for everyone to discover. For those who consider food as the great entertainment in Seattle that they want to experience, then they would definitely get what they want in the
Pike Place Market. One of the top attractions in Seattle, this is a public market that is brimming with stalls bearing all kinds of food. Here, especially in summer, you will find a great wealth of Northwest berries, fresh salmon, organic vegetables grown locally, artisan cheeses, Dungeness crabs and a lot more. If you are in the mood to take in the great night Seattle entertainment scene with some barhopping or clubbing, then Pioneer Square is the best place for you to head to. Here you are always assured of having the time of your life, whether you want to dance or hear some great music from a live band or just hang out with friends in a bar. Another major district for entertainment in Seattle, especially during nighttime, is the Ballard, which was previously a neighborhood of Scandinavians and is filled with live-music clubs, taverns and bars.

Another great chance for you to take in some high quality entertainment in Seattle is during the yearly Seafair Summer Festival of the city. July and August are the perfect months to enjoy Seattle entertainment at its best, as there are a great number of street fairs, concerts and fantastic food available. Although this time is always meant to be the busiest time in the city, you will still be assured of getting the best in Seattle entertainment despite the crowds during the festival.

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