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Are you heading to Houston, Texas or do you live in Houston and are looking for something to do. If so, you should check out Space Center Houston. Its one of the many interesting attractions in this great Texas city. But what is there to do at the Space Center?

There is quite a bit to do. For starters you can take a tour of Johnson Space Center and mission control. On this guided tram tour you will be taken to the famous historic mission control center, a space vehicle mockup facility hangar x and more. Next, check out the Astronaut Gallery. Here you will be treated to an exhibit of space suits. This is one of the worlds most extensive collections and includes suits worn by John Young and Judy Rusnik. The Astronaut Gallery is located just outside of the Northrop Grumman theatre so when you are done there, head inside and see a film. See the life of an astronaut shown on a five story tall screen. The film shows you the life of an astronaut from the time they are accepted into the training program up until they go on their first mission.

That just scratches the surface of what there is to do at the Space Center Houston. The center is located at 1601 NASA Parkway Houston, TX 77058 and the phone number is 281-244-2100. It is open from 10AM to 5PM during the week and from 10AM to 6PM on the weekend. Ticket prices are reasonable at $19 for adults, $18 for seniors and $15 for kids. So if you have some extra time in Houston, head over to the Space Center Houston.

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