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Valentine's Day Chinese

The seventh day of the seventh lunar month of the Chinese calendar is the Chinese Valentine's Day. There is a long story behind the his day being celebrated by lovers and prospective couples.

The Chinese Love Story

An orphaned handsome boy was living with his elder brother and sister in law. After their parents passed away, the elder brother inherited the property whereas the young boy owned just an old ox. He worked hard at the field everyday along with the ox. That earned him the name of a cowherd. His life was similar to that of Cinderella's. On the other hand, the youngest of the seven daughters of the Emperor of heaven was a fantastic weaver. She weaved clouds and rainbows and thus was called the Weaving Maid.

The story rolls this way. The old ox was a heavenly being punished and send to earth. He told the cowherd one day that he would get a great bride if he made a wish near the brook. The young boy went to the brook and saw the daughters of the Emperor of heaven taking a shower. He fell in love with the youngest and the most beautiful one. He stole her fairy clothes. All the other fairies flew away but this one could not. Now the cowherd stealthily approached the weaving maiden and bargained for her consent in marriage. She shyly agreed being mesmerized by the cowherd. The couple gave birth to two children in two years.

The ox, before dying, gave his hide o the cowherd for emergency use. One day, the Emperor though that the sky could look much better with his seventh daughter around. So he sent her grandmother to seek the lost child. However, when the grandmother was returning with the weaving maiden, the cowherd followed under cover of the ox hide and took the children in bamboo baskets and covered them with his wife's old fairy clothes. Noticing this, the grandmother drew the milky way between the couple and separated them forever. The weaving maiden was sent to Vega in the Lyra constellation whereas the cowherd along with the two children stayed in Altair in the Aquila constellation. The Vega star is therefore referred to as the Weaving Maiden Star and the Alair is called the Cowherd Star in China. The magpies took a pity and built a bridge so that he lovers could meet at least once in a year.

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