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2009 Year of the Ox

There are different ways of asking how old a person is and how do they react to certain situations. Instead of asking directly, people often ask his or her animal sign is. Thus a Chinese Horoscopes may predict that a person born under the Ox Chinese zodiac would be a born leader, conservative, methodical and good with his or her hands. With good hands they would be successful as skilled surgeons. This is generally speaking.

The Chinese zodiac being of pure calendar cycle interacts with another cycle. The first of this cycle is the five elements, which is also referred to as the ten heavenly stems. The Ox
Chinese zodiac sign then has the elements of wood, metal, earth, fire and water. They are normally in their yin as well as yang forms. This is indicative of the different traits, characteristics and what the future holds for a person born under the Ox Chinese zodiac.

To know which element a person belongs, an easy rule to follow is that years that end in an even number are yang, those that end in an odd number are yin.

The cycle proceeds as follows:
Metal Ox-1901, 1961;
Water Ox-1913, 1973;
Wood Ox- 1925, 1985;
Fire Ox - 1937, 1997;
Earth Ox - 1949, 2009.

But how did the Ox
Chinese zodiac came to be? Stories have it that the 12 animals of the zodiac fought as to who would head the cycle years. The gods decided to hold a contest; whoever would be able to reach the opposite bank of the river ahead of the pack would be first and the rest of the animals would receive their years according to their finish. And off they go. Unknowingly the rat jumped upon the ox's back. When the ox reached ashore, the rat jumped off the ox's back and won the race. The ox became the second year of the animal cycle.

Usually, people are celebrate their birthday under the Ox year are characterized as caring, logical, kind, positive, sensible people. They are also full of humility as well as dignity in everything that they do and for who they are. Although Ox people shun the limelight, they like to be boss. They enjoy being in the positions of power. As to their compatibility with other zodiac animals in the Chinese calendar, the Ox under any circumstances should not set up house with the tiger. Such partnership could end up in the departure or disappearance of the Tiger. Because the Ox is stronger than the Tiger, it would keep charging until the Tiger is destroyed. An Ox mother would never be comfortable with a Tiger child. It would be better for the Tiger child to leave home. The Rooster, Rat and Serpent get on very well with Ox people. With the Monkey, there are plenty of struggles and problems, and a lack of understanding with the Ram and the Boar.

February is the month of the Ox. The time of the Ox is from 1:00 a.m. to 2:59 a.m.; their direction of orientation is north-northeast. The Ox's color is violet.

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