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九月八日﹙星期六﹚ 下午 2:00 至 5:00

地點: 僑教中心 Culture Center of TECO
10303 West Office Drive, Houston TX

2:00-2:30PM 宋建章 Frank Sung, DDS
The best way to replace missing teeth

2:30-3:00PM 林琬真 Jean Lin, RPT
慢性肌肉疼痛 – 預防與治療
Chronic mechanical pain – prevention and treatment with exercise and proper body mechanics

3:00-3:10PM Break

3:10-3:40PM 陳康元 Karl Chen, PhD, MD
Brain fitness

3:40-4:10PM 鍾正芳 C. James Chuong, MD
New reproductive technology and stem cell research

4:10-4:20PM Break

4:20-5:00PM Panel Discussion/Questions & Answers

詳情請聯絡: 鍾正芳 醫師 (713-771-9771 x101 )
吳米崧 會長 (713-261-3638)




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