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He Xiangning - Chinese Art Gallery


Artist: He Xiangning  (1878-1972)


He Xiangning loved to paint plum blossoms. This painting of plum blossoms depicts springing forth of the flowers from seemingly dead branches of the tree, bringing life and hope

He Xiangning was born in Hong Kong. While still young she went to Japan, were she joined with the group led by Dr. Sun Yat-sen that was endeavoring to overthrow the Qing Dynasty. Politics was an integral part of Ms. He's life though art was always an overwhelming passion.

Ms. He studied art at the Ueno School of Art in Tokyo. Throughout the remainder of her long life, Ms. He often used her paintings of pine trees, plum blossoms, lions, tigers and landscapes to convey many of
her political views. Ms. He particularly liked to paint plum blossoms whose blossoms are considered a symbol of purity and courage, which dared to challenge the snows and frosts of winter. After returning to China, she came under the influence of the Lingnan School of painters where her earlier Japanese painting influences were replaced by more traditional Chinese forms.

Chronology of Chinese Art

Shang Dynasty | circa 1750-1045 BC

Chou Dynasty | 1045-256 BC

Ch'in Dynasty | 221-207 BC

Han Dynasty | 202 BC - 220 AD

Three Kingdoms | 221-265

Southern & Northern Dynasties | 265-581

Sui Dynasty | 581-618

T'ang Dynasty | 618-906

Five Dynasties | 907-960

Sung Dynasty | 960-1279

Yin Dynasty | 1260-1368

Ming Dynasty | 1368-1644

Ch'ing Dynasty | 1644-1912



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