The bright lights of Las Vegas


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The History of Las Vegas Chinatown

As a whole, Las Vegas's Chinatown is located west of the Las Vegas Strip, not far from the Treasure Island and The Venetian casinos. Also included in Chinatown are scores of Filipino, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese American businesses as it serves a pan-Asian community, making the term Chinatown somewhat of a misnomer.

The Las Vegas Chinatown resembles many of the new suburban "Chinatowns" found in Southern California and Silicon Valley, in the form of sprawl with generously large parking lots. This area of Las Vegas is modeled upon the Los Angeles suburbs of Monterey Park, California and San Gabriel, California, both anchored by shopping centers and supermarkets (99 Ranch Market and Shun Fat Supermarket). In several cases, some businesses are extensions from Southern California Chinatowns, including Asian supermarket chains, restaurants, bakery, travel agent and so on.

It is generally unlike the old and dense tightly-packed Chinatowns. The suburban-style 99 Ranch Market chain is the key anchor to the area, with other well-known Southern California-based chain businesses such as popular Sam Woo Restaurant (serving Cantonese cuisine) and Kim Tar Restaurant (serving Teochew cuisine). There is also a Mainland Chinese noodle and dumpling restaurant serving noodles, fried dumplings, spring onion pizza, and smelly tofu. Cantonese seafood restaurants also add to the vibrant mix.

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