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Las Vegas Chinatown Plaza Guide

While Las Vegas doesn't have a Chinatown to rival those in bigger cities like New York or San Francisco, there is Chinatown Plaza, the largest collection of Asian businesses in Las Vegas, featuring nine restaurants with authentic Asian cuisine. There are also gift shops and the only Chinese bookstore in Nevada. You'll also discover the largest Asian supermarket in the city, an herb shop, a jade store and a jewelry shop. The entire area also serves as a small cultural exhibit, and signs scattered throughout contain factual information about Chinese art and history. Establishments carry apparel, foodstuffs, jewelry, jade, plants, furniture, CDs, accessories and more.

Chinatown Plaza (Map of Chinatown)
4255 Spring Mountain Rd.
Telephone: (702) 221-8448Vegas Chinatown Plaza







Chinatown Plaza in Las Vegas