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Travel to China in the Summer

Summer Travel in China can be one of the best experiences of your lifetime. The fact that China itself has a unique culture is one reason to partake in a China tour, this way, you can understand certain things about the Chinese lifestyle, however; traveling during the summer is another great reason to have a fun filled China holiday.

The best period of the year for a successful trip to China is usually between April and October; the weather is conducive and there are lots of festivals in various parts of China making your travel experience an awesome one. Since the language barrier constitutes a major problem, many tourists consult the services of a tour company and arrange to go in groups to visit the many sightseeing in China.

This option could be a great one particularly because every group has a designated tour leader and local guide to facilitate the itinerary. However, some travelers look for unconventional travel routes in order to have more adventures on their trips. This form of travel makes it easier to see wonderful China and beyond. For off the beaten path travel adventures, it's best to take note of all the festival dates during the summer in order to allow tourists visit the cities where the festivals take place thereby having a first hand experience of original Chinese culture.

There are quite a number of festivals lined up this summer in different locations in China. They include: The Torch Festival: This festival is synonymous with the Yi minority group located between the Sichuan and Yunnan golden areas. It is characterized by singing and dancing to traditional folk songs, lighting torches and bonfires, etc. This festival takes place during the months of June and July, so it could be a great opportunity to include it in your China tour itinerary and marvel at the beauty of Sichuan and Yunnan. The Daxing County Water Melon festival is a small festival which takes place in Daxing County in Beijing between June and July. Folk dances, watermelon field tours and water melon tasting events are held during the festival.

Tourists who visit are granted the opportunity to taste as much water melons they can have. This festival takes place on the outskirts of Beijing, so it makes for a great Beijing day tour where you can visit the Great Wall, Tienanmen Square, Temple of Heaven and other historical attractions of Beijing. The Autonomous Region of Tibet hosts a few festivals in August; these include the Horse Race Festival in Qiangtang and the Tibetan Shoton Festival. The Horse racing festival in Qiangtang is the grandest festival held in Tibet annually; Tibetan herdsmen are dressed in military attire showcasing their riding skills. Performances of Tibetan folk songs and dances also take place during the festival to commemorate the heroes of Tibet's past.

The Tibetan Shoton festival (Xuedun festival) is one of the major traditional festivals in the Tibetan Highlands which features local opera performances and folk songs. It is sometimes known as the Tibetan Opera festival. Visiting Tibet during these periods also allows for visiting the major sightseeing's like the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple etc. The Mount Wutai International Tourist Festival is an international festival which attracts visitors from different parts of the world. Held annually in July, monks and honored guests gather together on the sacred mountain to celebrate this event. With all these festivals lined up for the summer, you can be rest assured that summer travel in China can be an unforgettable experience.

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