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Chinese Medicine and Smoking

Can Chinese medicine help with your smoking addiction?

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Can Chinese Medicine Help you Quit Smoking?

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Smoking addiction is now the biggest preventable killer in Britain, causing 150,000 deaths a year (120,000 tobacco related, 33,000 alcohol related and 1,700 drugs related).

How can Chinese medicine help with smoking addiction?

Chinese medicine has beneficial effects on addiction to various substances. The most commonly treated addictions at AcuMedic clinics are smoking and alcoholism.

Smoking has a detrimental impact on all major systems of the human body, in particular, the circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems. In Chinese medical theory, smoking weakens the Lungís function of commanding the overall movement of Qi, Blood and Meridians, by creating Heat in the Lung and Stomach, which in turn will cause Fire in the Heart and/or stagnation of Liver Qi, hence withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, palpitations, mood swings and restlessness occur.

Chinese medicine can reduce the craving for cigarettes. Studies show that patients after treatment often report a dislike for the smell of tobacco and that the craving stops when they press ear points with herbal seeds on (This is called ear
acupuncture where either herbal seeds or metal studs are plastered on to certain points on the ears).

Alcoholism, like smoking, can cause irreversible damage to all major organs in the human body, although a moderate amount of alcohol under certain circumstances can be beneficial for health. Chinese medicine treats any withdrawal symptoms and reduces the craving. It has no side effects.

Acupuncture stimulates detoxification, promotes a heightened sense of relaxation, and encourages endorphin production, which makes it an excellent tool for overcoming addiction. Herbal medicine helps the body to cope with stress, improves circulation and promotes mental and physical alertness. If you're having a hard time quitting smoking, maybe you should consider other addictions treatment available out there.

Treatment for addiction can be effective only if the patient is determined to change. The length of treatment depends on the patientís response and on the severity and duration of the addiction. Drug addiction can also benefit from Chinese medical treatment.

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