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Delicious Cure For Acne That Works Fast And Permanently!

by: Kenny Goh Jern Yue

When dealing with acne, we somehow feel that our diets do affect us. Well, you're absolutely correct! It is a proven fact because the toxic substances contained in certain foods will cause your liver and kidney to overwork. Thus the skin, being a natural waste disposal organ will take over some of the task and end up contaminated with the toxin which you chewed down so heartily at dinner just hours ago. This article will explain to you a natural treatment for acne that anyone can use to clear up their skin

I recently discovered a natural cure for acne when I was holding a potluck dinner at my house. Everyone that came to the potluck needed to contribute food or beverage so I opted to provide the drinks and some light snacks. Little did I know that the drink I concocted brought a big surprise when I woke up the next day and looked into the mirror. Needless to say I was an instant believer in my own accidental discovery! Here are the secret ingredients:

First ingredient: Apple – Make the apple juice and add some of the pulp into the juice for some texture. Grind the seed to fine powdery texture and mix a bit of the apple seed into the juice. Don't mix too much though. This creates a powdery texture which is beneficial as it can effectively clean your colon. Apple contains lots of pectin, which is helpful in maintaining a good digestive system. Pectin also acts as an antioxidant which protects certain skin related diseases like acne. A dirty colon will keep toxic substances locked in your body, which will eventually flare up on your skin. So a clean colon is essential in keeping your skin healthy and clear.

Second ingredient: Pineapple - The enzymes found in pineapples will fight free-radical damage and also cleanse the skin by dissolving blackheads and dead cells from the skin’s surface. This also unclogs the skin and prevents buildup of acnes and pimples. Generally speaking, pineapples heal the skin.

Third Ingredient: Cucumber – Cucumbers are hydrating and nourishing and they posses  astringent properties. Cucumbers have the same pH level as the skin, thus they aid to restore the skin’s protective and natural acid mantle. Constant ingestion of cucumber will cool our body system and serve to sooth and smooth our skin. Having a cool body system will reduce the risks of getting acne and other pimples related breakouts.

By mixing the juices of these three natural fruits and vegetables together in equal portions, the effect is you will have a natural and healthy cleanser which will maintain body balance and clear up your acne. This is not a one time deal. You must drink this on a daily basis.

Our skin is the barometer of our health and therefore, good skin is a sign of a good health, particularly in our digestive system. Acne patients often have poor digestive systems and may get constipation from time to time. With daily consumption of this concoction for at least three weeks, anyone and I mean anyone will be able to see the beneficial effect.



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