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Houston, Texas Great Place to Visit

When you are in the city of Houston, Texas there are a number of things that you can experience. Houston, Texas provides you with a different side of American life and its distant past and in some ways its future.

If you are traveling to Houston, Texas there are quite a number of things you can do while you are there. Houston, Texas is a great city to explore and there are a number of attractions that will keep you occupied for as long as you are there. Of the many attractions and things to do there are a few that are a must see.

Places to visit In Houston, Texas the most popular place to visit is the NASA Johnson Space Center. The Space Center is NASA's official visitor site and its history dates back to before the famed Apollo 13 mission and that infamous line, that everyone seems to know, Houston we have a problemĚ. You are able to go on a tour of mission control and go through one of the simulations they have and experience what astronauts go through when going to space. The NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas is a perennial favorite of children and adults alike. They also have many education programs including day camps, space school, scout camp and education outreach.

If you are not into the Space Center , you can direct your senses to the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Once there you can view the collection of dinosaurs, or go through the planetarium and the butterfly center. You can even watch a film at the museums IMAX Theater.

The Museum of Fine Arts is one the places to visit because it houses a large selection of art. You will find art ranging from African tribal art to Renaissance and expressionist Art. The museum has a section of the building that displays art from students and residents from the Houston, Texas area.

The first public park in Houston, Texas is Hermann Park and it is a great location to visit if you are interested in nature and exploring. This park has a large wooded section for everyone who goes there and there is also jogging trails, areas to walk your dog, an outdoor theater and a golf course. There is also the Houston Zoological Gardens located in the park that you can visit. It also a good place to relax and spend a quite day getting away from it all.

Houston, Texas is filled with many more fun things that you can do that are not mentioned here but will fill up the time you will be spending in the city.

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