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Travel to the Bahamas: Read Randy's Bahamas travel review.

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The Bahamas - An Exotic Tropical Paradise

 Bahamas Travel Review- An Exotic Tropical Paradise
 by: Randy Cranbrook

Find Your Tropical Paradise in the Bahamas

The Bahamas are your picture perfect solution when you are seeking a tropical paradise vacation, far removed from the humdrum of everyday life. The Bahamas are a stunning kaleidoscope of many beautiful islands that are just 50 miles off of the Florida coast. This proximity to the mainland, easy accessibility and tropical location makes it the perfect getaway.

The Bahamas are a delight to the connoisseur of water sports. Sailing is one of the most popular warm water activities offered at the islands. Numerous sailing regattas and festivals draw large a large number of water sports lovers to these islands. Additionally, water sports such as wind surfing, parasailing and kayaking are readily on offer.

There is an amazing undersea world in these lovely waters. They are home to reefs and colorful fish, and are protected. You won't be able to hold back from snorkeling and scuba diving once you see what there is on offer. About 5% of the world's reefs are in this region. You won't believe all the colorful fish species swimming around you.

The people of the Bahamas are a friendly bunch and are happy to share their culture, history, and life style with visitors. Many people have stories of Caribbean islands filled with inhospitable locals who seem annoyed with the presence of tourists. You won't find that in the Bahamas since the people are known for their wonderful hospitality.

You will find a rich and varied marine life, complete with the whales and dolphins calling this place home. The wildlife on land is also exciting and diverse. You're sure to find a tour that's just right for you, where you'll learn all about the animals and plants inhabiting these islands. The Bahamas offer sensual delights to everyone who visits.

The islands offer numerous activities even for those who prefer the terra firma. While cricket is very popular in Nassau, many resorts organize cricket matches for their guests. If you do not wish to play, then just relax and soak in the sun while watching a few games.

Of course golf and tennis are big on the islands, thanks to the perfect climate. World class tournaments are played here each year. You can watch, or if you prefer, you can play on the incredible courses and courts. It won't matter if you're a beginner or an expert. You'll find the place just right for your level of expertise.

If high energy activities aren't your thing there is no shortage of beautiful white sand and even pink sand beaches. Soak up the sun year round underneath swaying palms to the sound of the turquoise waters lapping the sands. Just don't forget the sunscreen! Many people have inadvertently been burned by the hot Caribbean sun.

Do you love shopping? No worries, as you'll find plenty of shops. They don't all sell tacky souvenirs either. There are plenty of high-end stores. The prices make it well worth your while to spend your Bahamian dollars.

Dining on the local Bahamian cuisine is a pleasure that you don't want to miss. The seafood offerings are particularly outstanding, as they are perfectly seasoned. Spicy but not too much so. Check out the conch meat, as its preparation is a specialty of the islands.

Traveling to the Bahamas makes a wonderful vacation destination where you can do just about anything your heart desires. The weather is almost always perfect and the water warm and pleasant. Contact your travel agent and ask about the many special packages and deals these beautiful islands have to offer. A trip to the Bahamas can be budget or luxury




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