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By: Rachael Cleipher

Decorating any home, apartment or office space is no easy task, especially if you have an eye for detail. It is even harder to decorate well when you realize how much it matters to decorate your space in ways that reflect you. I have recently been busy redecorating my office. It was very important for me that my office reflect who I am and that it be a comfortable environment for writing in. I chose, after much deliberation, to go with a Japanese art theme for my office.

I have always loved Japanese art, but it seems to be getting more popular and hence more widely available in the past few years. There is something about the look and feel of Japanese art that I love, so I figured it would be an excellent way to decorate a special space that I use for doing endless hours of valuable writing. I knew that I needed to be intentional about the way I decorated my office. I am very aware of my environment and so I know that I need to decorate and create my work environment with care. I write much better when I am inspired by my surroundings, and I know that Japanese art is very inspiring.

I began searching for Japanese art in thirft shops and in unique art shops. Anyone who is interested in Japanese art for their home or office could start on the internet by searching for Japanese art. See if there are any speciality shops or chain dealers in your area and then make a visit. While you can purchase great pieces of Japanese art off the internet, it is sometimes hard to really get a feel for the look and color scheme of an art piece without seeing it face to face. So don't hesitate to be picky and to search around for Japanese art pieces that fit your style and needs. There are varying kinds and styles of Japanese art that can be purchased, so see what you like first.

My love for Japanese art hinges on their great use of color. I am very much affected by color, so I love the bold and brilliant hues that most Japanese art is comprised of. I started my search for Japanese art by choosing a color scheme that I wanted to decorate with and then I chose pieces according to that scheme.

I am not sorry that I chose Japanese art to be the theme of my office decor. In fact, I love what I chose. It inspires me to work hard and to create in much the same way that the Japanese have created such great Japanese art.

About the Author:

Rachael Cleipher has loved Japanese art for decorating for many years. She wants to see Japanese art become even more popular among those with an eye for the creative. See more at

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