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Introduction to Judo  柔道 (じゅうどう)

Judo is a martial art that makes use of throws, strangles and joint locks. There is no kicking or punching in Judo. Judo was originally developed from Jujutsu and was accepted as an Olympic sport in 1966.

The lethal techniques and strikes of Jujutsu have been removed from the syllabus, and Judo’s founder Kano designed a syllabus that was meant to aid in the physical fitness of the Japanese people as well as their character development. As such, Judo was always designed more to be a sport than a self-defense system.

The black belt system, that pertains until today in many martial arts (also see: Goju Ryu Karate Belt System) is said to have first developed in Judo. Whereas in the West, great value is placed on the coveted achievement of a black belt, Japanese instructors see the black belt as a stage of the student when the real study of the martial art begins. Judo Uniforms are typically made of heavy material to withstand the pulling and grabbing associated with this martial art.

Origin of Judo: Japan

Founder of Judo: Jigoro Kano, 1882

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