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Japanese Antiques are absolutely one of the most beautiful collections in the world. There are so many great pieces to choose from. Here are some of the best pieces in Japanese Antiques.

Choba Tansu which is called a Merchant Chest, the type of wood is called Hinoki, Sugi and it dates back to the 1880’s. These chests of drawers stand about 34 inches in height and 47-1/2 in width. It has cabinet and 9 drawers, very beautifully crafted.

There is a piece that is beautiful for the fact that is an antique but it is not a pretty piece. It is a Choba Tansu called a Merchant Chest and it is also made from Hinoki and Sugi wood. It is a small chest of 3 drawers and is only 15-3/8 inches tall and 14 inches wide.

The Clothing Chest called an Isho Tansu is made from Kiri, Hinoki and Sugi; it stands about 40 inches and 37 inches wide. This piece is a two section with heavy hardware and nothing has been altered through the years. The time period is 1880’s.

Aside from the Japanese furniture that has beautiful hard carved figurines. One piece is called Mother and Son, it is ceramic piece of a traditional Japanese woman breastfeeding her baby. It is a detailed and hand painted, the age is from the 1700’s. There are many antique Samurai Dolls, handcrafted in the 1890’s. These antiques are worth some money but depending on if they have a letter of authenticity will determine how much they are worth.

Kitchen antiques are the way to see a true antique, there are Japanese Iron Teakettles that have a bronze lid, the time period is 1890. The shape of the teakettle is unlike the teakettles of today, these kettles are heavier and the Japanese believe that they are capturing the spirit of the moment as the share tea.

Japanese Antiques can be found through an antique dealer and online. When purchasing any type of antique online ask for the letter of authenticity if you are buying something the dealer tells you is an antique.

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