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Basically, all materials used in Japanese architecture are found in nature. Eventually, this can be called as 'Organic Architectural Character' which is a part of their tradition originating from long time ago. Part of this architectural character is the by keeping the natural state of the materials or by enhancing their natural state, instead. Using natural materials encompasses the main style of the Japanese architecture.

Traditional Japanese houses use bamboo as fence. Adopting this material to where bamboo is bountiful, we can simply make it as our wall cladding. We can keep all its lovely natural nodes intact and enhance its beauty by coating it with polyurethane or a natural varnish. Or, we can make use of bamboos as material for our chairs and tables, bamboo displays or decorations or just an ornamentation for cabinets, vanity, racks and many more uses.

1. Wood
Japanese make use of wood with its bark on. Though we can adopt it, but don't cut trees just to have it, :->. Unused logs can form a part of our outdoor gardens or interior gardens. Barked woods can also be use in our party wine bars as accent or simply left alone as decoration in our houses.

2. Paper
This Japanese paper as we locally term it here in the Philippines, is made from Mulberry Tree. It is traditionally used for movable partitions.

3. Tatami Mat
It is made up of tightly woven straw bound with cords. It is widely used in Japanese households. It is placed 24 cm from the floor. A step rail is used to comfortably get up onto it.

4. Stone
Ordinarily, it is used in houses of course. Japanese also use this in pathways which are patiently hand laid.

5. Nagare-Zukuri
Japanese term for Gable Roof. It is the basic roof style of ancient and traditional Japanese houses.

6. Chidori Glabes
It is a decoration on eves and roofs which is triangular in form. 

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