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Learning to Read Japanese Kanji

Japanese kanji was adopted from the Chinese characters and has been used in Japan as a writing system for hundreds of years. Learning Kanji isn't really difficult, but it is very time consuming. To get to a level where you can read Kanji in context requires daily practice for at least 6 months to a year. There are many ways to learn Japanese Kanji. Lets take a look at some.

Learning Japanese kanji involves a lot of reading and writing practice. A great way to learn how to read kanji is with the help of the internet. There are a lot of tutorial videos that teach the reading, meaning and stroke order of Kanji. In fact, there are many free videos tutorials that you can find on YouTube. Although most of them are created by amateurs the quality of these video lessons are quite good.

Another way to learn Japanese kanji is with the help of how-to books. These books help you learn Kanji characters by learning stroke order through lots of writing practice. Some people can learn kanji quite fast using these kind of books as they find that the writing practice helps them memorize the readings and meanings of kanji.

It takes a lot of patience, determination, as well as concentration in order to learn, understand and read Japanese kanji at a proficient level. Also, kanji is only part of the picture. Students must first learn Japanese hiragana and katakana before taking on kanji. Also you should realize your goal is not to memorize hundreds of kanji, but to learn to read kanji. Good luck with your kanji studies. 

About the Author

Nicholas Kemp is an online educator and speaks and reads fluent Japanese. After living in Japan for 10 years he returned to Australia and started his own online business. He teaches Japanese with the help of his Japanese wife and has produced several multimedia rich products he help people read and speak Japanese.

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