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About Shi Xinning - Chinese Artist

Shi Xinning was born on 1969 in Liaoning Province, China. Trained in China, Shi Xinning’s paintings are influenced by both social realism and European styles. Using the authoritative qualities of both, Shi embarks on history painting with a twist. Taking his imagery from iconic press photos, Shi’s canvases faithfully represent the world as we know it, the Yalta Conference in familiar 40s sepia tone, the Queen Mum in carriage emblazoned in newspaper black and white. It’s only on second glance that Shi’s alterations become evident. Nestled between Churchill and FDR and conversing happily with royalty, Mao takes his place amongst the great leaders of the 20th century. In China-fying history, Shi investigates dynamics of both the west’s Eurocentric, and China’s isolationist past world views. Humorously illustrating the Chairman’s import and omnipresence in 20th c Chinese society Shi’s insertion of Mao into the fabric of western collective conscience seems entirely plausible. Infusing the totems of propaganda currency with a sense of normality and humility, Shi re-authors the most cherished moments of collective memory with a ‘Forrest Gump’ effect, creating a specious mythology based in Hollywood schmaltz and unabashed optimism.

Selected Exhibitions:

2005 • The Road Map of Painting, Beijing, China • The Other Shore of This Shore, Pingyao, China • Mahjong, Kunstmuseum, Bern, Switzerland • China Contemporary Painting, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio in Bologna, Bologna, Italy

2004 • Landscapes, Shanghai Gallery of Art, Shanghai, China • New Perspectives in Chinese Painting, Marella Art Gallery, Milan, Italy • China’s Photographic Painting, China Art Seasons Gallery, Beijing, China

2003 • Moyemode, Moyemobude, 798 Art Zone, Beijing, China • China Art Now, Marella Art Gallery, Milan, Italy

2002 • Contemporary Art Exhibition, Deduct Fabricate Copy, Beijing, China

2001 • Fake Reality, Beijing, China

1999 • Contemporary Art Show "Out-of-control", Beijing, China

1998 • Contemporary Art Exhibition, "In the City- Individuality", Beijing, China

Conclusions: Shi Xinning had already established his own style and the impact of the work had won him a strong reputation in Chinese art circles.

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One of his famous artwork