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The stress factors in modern life are almost overwhelming, from worries about money, looming deadlines at work, being pressed for time and every other burden of busy people, nearly everyone is looking for something that is soothing and lets us focus on the pleasures of life instead. For many, turning to Shiatsu massage can be both energizing and relaxing and the perfect antidote to stress.
In 1912, Tokujiro Namikoshi invented the Japanese massage method shiatsu. Traditional Japanese methods of increasing health through balancing body energy and a singular technique that uses fingertips and palms only to apply pressure are the hallmarks of this massage style. Practitioners say that the method increases the body's healing ability and renews and energizes the massagee.

This massage technique was introduced to America in the middle of the 20th century, where it was met with mixed feelings. Many Americans did not trust Eastern medicine, so it took many years to gain a firm following in this country. When it did, though, it gained a foothold which is still strong to this day. Recipients of shiatsu massage find that they have more energy and less stress, and they feel healthier overall.

Shiatsu combines the health benefits of acupressure and energy in the form of massage. You have many options to find a practitioner of Shiatsu by online search or in the classified pages of a newspaper or telephone directory. Some massage professionals may be Shiatsu specialist, but many others will offer it as well as other massage techniques.

There are any number of gadgets and gizmos on the market that incorporate the concepts of shiatsu, marketed to those who would prefer to reduce stress through massage on their own schedules. It's a simple matter to find chairs, foot massagers, neck massagers, and handheld massagers that can provide a professional massage's pressure and movement on your muscles.

This massage not only relieves stress and benefits your overall health, but it can also improve your circulation, reduce your blood pressure, and aid your body's elimination of toxins. You may still doubt that a simple massage can provide all of these benefits, but if you try it for yourself, you will see that it really does work as advertised. Besides, what have you got to lose (other than those knots in your muscles)?

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It's been found that if you are receiving a calming and invigorating Japanese massage, this is one of the best ways to reduce stress

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