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Shopping in Japan

By: Niraj Kr Singh

Shopping can be fun in Japan.

Japan is known to be an expensive place and during my recent visit to the country I found that with a little bit of exploring one could really get good stuff at reasonable prices too. Shopping in Tokyo was fun with many places I could shop inexpensively and bought some Japanese traditional products and the latest goods in Tokyo. Tokyo shopping ranges from the crowded sidewalk and underground markets hawking black-market DVD's and faux designer jeans, to the true designer boutiques in the Roppongi Hills and the Ginza districts. In the smaller villages and towns in the outlying regions it is possible to buy authentic vases, jewelry and craftworks from the artisans themselves.

Tokyo shopping offers the choicest shopping in Japan making it a paradise for shoppers. Large department stores, specialty shops, fashion boutiques, hotel arcades and shopping centers abound. Popular buys include cameras, watches, CD players, hi-fi equipment, silk goods, lacquer ware, Japanese dolls, and woodblock prints. The most exciting and memorable shopping experience I had was going shopping at stores which sell everything at 100 yen. These stores are all over Japan and are really worth going into.

From cosmetics, kitchen utensils, clothes, food or stationary, or anything else, or nothing at all....just go into one, cause you will find something for sure. The 100 yen stores are popular with foreign tourist as well as the Japanese. Not only you can find daily-use products there, but some great gifts to bring back home as well. I was surprised with the variety of things I could bring home as a gift. The variety of chop sticks and other traditionally Japanese stuff amazed me. I feel everybody would love them! For more information on Japan Shopping visit

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