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11.18.2006  Taiwan Trip        (Chinese Version)


In another two weeks I will be leaving for Taiwan, when I think of it, I do feel kind of excited. The people on my MSN has already gotten my notification and waiting for my arrival. There is going to be one for picking me up from the airport, one for shopping, and another for eating out. True, that is only three people, but that is also plural.

Also, coincidentally, the group that I liked in the old days also is going to be having concerts. So this trip is in a way going to be accomplishing more things for me, in addition to eating and visiting. Speaking of eating, I am going to the restaurant in Taiwan named "Spring" for the afternoon tea. When I think of this restaurant, the agony of long distant flight and the heavy suitcases don't discourage me anymore. This is going to be the price for my laboring, which will equate to countless courses of vegetarian dishes.. yummy. The saying goes like "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach," I have to say, I think it works the same for women. If someone were to be cooking for me everyday, of course I would be very behaving as well. Haha.


Speaking of the Taiwan trip, I have to mention about the shopping scene at Guang-Hua-Mall and the Japanese dramas. There were so many times where I would be at this shopping mall until my legs gave up on me. This was a popular mall where one could buy computer parts, Japanese manga, and Japanese dramas. There was one time I spent five hours there, very willingly, trying to get an external USB CD burner. The Japanese dramas were just the regular items that I would get there until I got hooked with Korean dramas.

After Taiwan I am going to be heading to Beijing and Shanghai as well. For those who know me ask if I would be afraid by going there solo since I have never been in China.

No, no really.

I think, well, the language will not be a problem for me, and I can also read. But, but the detrimental part might be the fact that I don't have a sense of direction and I am very easy to get lost. I don't get lost just outside of the town, I can also get lost within the Austin city itself. My only error-proof way would be GPS.
I think, well, if things get out of the hand, I will just hop onto the taxi and say I need to go to the airport.

Yes, it is a very simple thinking, well, since I am going to be traveling, if I can, why should I make my agenda so packed? Now this feels like traveling, maybe I will be shower with the subtle winter sunlight on a sunny day during my trip, or be clueless of my direction, and or be carrying heavy suitcases with me, but that is ok, that just that.






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