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10.13.2006  Topic: Is It?        (Chinese Version)


Is it the case that you still remember me? Ten plus years have passed, I surprisingly and yet obstinately still remember you, how about you? I have remembered many people.


Many of those had came across my life and left, lost communication, but when I thought of it, I feel the the ups and downs with continuing silence.


The childhood playmate, the four-people gang during middle school, the buddies of the high school, and the best friends during college, even you after graduation, it was all about the times of on going talks, which were deep conversation from the heart, but now if someone still remembers me, I should be glad.

It is inevitable that this becomes a part of the memory, it is hard to describe what the changes time has done to us.


When we meet again, would you remember me? Would it sometimes cross your mind to wonder my whereabouts? You know, I have always been here, stubbornly.


I don't know if this would be the case for the people I still have contact with, that one day we would grow apart. I wish that time would freeze. You seemly silent, and I know I can't ask for more.


It is just that I still keep the marks from time, do you know?


I guess you wouldn't know.







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