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12.22.2006  Card       (Chinese Version)


I have not been checking my mail box for a while, I counted the days and it has almost been a week, so I better go check before the mail box got jammed with the ads from HEB and Randalls. I always recycle those ads, I guess that can count as my good deed for the day. Yup, just as I thought, and there was even a bill hiding between the ads. It is sad in an expected way.

I kept on flipping and, interestingly enough, there were hand written letters, two even.

Looked like someone sent me Christmas card for the holiday seasons. Great! I have stopped mailing them out. I think the last time I sent out was five years ago.

It was a card from a friend from Taiwan whom I have known for over ten years.

I guessed she didn't write too much judging from the weight of the letter. I hurried and opened it up. Oh, she mentioned that she wanted to send the card to me before Christmas this year. She was late last year. Well, the truth was, if she didn't mention that, I would have remembered it.

It was a pretty neat card. It looked like my friend has not changed her taste. I looked at the calendar card from last year which I put on the wall and compared the two. They still got the blue and white background and a bear. Last year was two polar bears and this year is just a teddy bear leaning on the window. The similarity was that they were all looking far as if they were anticipating something.
What can they be expecting? And she?

I saw that she called herself the "old mother" and it was pretty touchy. I have almost forgotten that she used to call herself that. I have kept all the letters from her and never wanted to throw them away. When I was in Taiwan a few weeks ago we were able to attend a concert. The place was very spacious and the seats were nice. I kept turning to check on her and was relieved to see that she was excited. Now that I think about it, during the concert time was like a thief in hiding, and by the time the concert ended it appeared requesting notice on its presence. However, it was offset by the fact I was with a friend of more than ten years so I was able to think to myself, not bad, I got to know her and remain a friend with her for that long as well.

Actually I felt warm that despite the number of times I moved from places to places or kept changing my phone numbers, she would always send an email asking for ways to contact me unexpectedly. Every time when I go to Taiwan I can always meet up with her somehow.

Yes, friends are the nice caring, that on a cold night like this, to the depressed souls, providing the after-warmth. They are not the flame which may burn you but the heat that you feel when the flame is removed.
Therefore, for those friends who keep sending cards, those cards are always kept somewhere in our heart.






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