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1.1.2007  Blue Sky       (Chinese Version)

I opened the door and looked out; on the other side of the door was a clear sky. This New Year's day is a Monday, but it felt like a day in between Sunday and Monday. It was hard to define it. However, when tomorrow comes I would be thinking, oh, right, yesterday was Monday. I was not showered with the New Year's celebration; however, I cleaned up my place and made some greeting phone calls.

In the old times people communicated via letters and now people communicate via email. It is much more convenient yet the timidity is still present.

I remembered for the millennium's celebration I went to downtown Austin. There I had my first experience where everyone was a piece of the wall. If one side fell that it would propagate like the wave. That was fun. For 01 I went to San Antonio for the river walk. I remembered the lights were bright and the night was windy. I was shivering. The following year I went to Minnesota to have my first ski experience. I think I wore 3 pants and 2 pairs of socks. The shivering had taken over my pain reception where the fell I had didn't hurt. Last year, well, I was sick and just stayed home.

These are the moments that I tried to remember as they keep adding up.

It seems that this is always the time to reflect of what I had been through in the year.  However, in my mind I kept on remembering the clear sky I saw when I was in Beijing. I was told that clear sky is a rare event in Beijing because of the pollution. That day the wind had cleared the sky and it was as blue as it can be and windy as well. Slowly I walked passed the buildings in the Forbidden city, where the emperors once lived. I saw emperors' writings on the wall. I glanced over the stone sculptures of the emperor's walk way. I eye measured the width of the columns in the halls. At the end I tried to imagine how busy the palace once was, the days when the buildings were packed with royals and servants and the halls were solders but now the buildings are just empty.

This feeling is beyond the saying of "just the empty buildings being left behind as people passed on."

Now it is also clear sky, with an empty parking lot and few people in sight.

There was no wind blowing, no Chinese flute blowing, just gently.

There is nothing to be worried of, nothing to do, just appreciating.

The beauty of the clear sky of this day is purely beyond words.






1.1.2007  Blue Sky

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