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12.08.2006  Returning       (Chinese Version)


I am sitting in the airplane cabinet after the plane has taken off for five hours, and I have fell asleep after three movies. I found a few pieces of paper which I can still write on the back and I start to reflect back of the journey I had. The pencil in my hand may be moving from time to time, right, but where do I begin?

This trip lasted three weeks, but seriously it felt like three months long. During the time I felt that I was like a traveler of the ancient going through the land. I have been to Taiwan, Hong Kong, ShenZhen, Beijing, HangZhou, and finally I took off from Shanghai. Right now, I am covered with a blanket, scratching my head, and still can't believe of the places I have been to. I have been to a concert in the late fall, eaten sticky tofu in the early morning at one thirty, smelled many vegetarian dishes, and even lost my passport with a bittersweet experience. I have also seen myself with a tired look as I tried to bring my luggage's across the boarder with a heavy backpack on my back. I have heard my grandpa trying to warn me of the fact people are not as naive and honest as they used to be and we need to have a shield of defense against that. I remembered taken an overnight train which I had a very deep sleep, until now I am sitting in the seat waiting to fly back and return to my place here.

There is a lot of things and scenes which I want to remember as I traveled across the land.

There is also a lot of bitter feeling as I left from places to places. This feeling is reinforced as I recalled the times when people were gathering around the dinner table with tight space between each person and many "hello" sound that I heard, or "wei" in Chinese. All these accompanied me along the way with the experiences that I will want to relate.






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