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1.7.2007  Winter Melon Mom       (Chinese Version)


About two months ago I started to count days. It not an important day per say that I am counting, it is just my birthday. As it approaches closer I got more nervous. I am getting a year older; it is not a fun thing to tell people about. Really, I have not accomplished anything major, nothing worth mentioning, so this is really a sad event for me. Time really ages people.
The clock ticks as always.

My family said to treat myself “better” on the day of my birthday, I think what she meant was to go eat out. But I dismissed the idea because I rather just stay home and watch TV or read some books. It is cold outside, I don’t really want to go out and eat by myself. But really, each day should be treated the same because the saying goes, “each day is a good day.” So why should this day be treated any differently?


But I just can’t shake off this sorrow I have.

Yesterday I was at Winter Melon Mom’s place. (PS: This is direct translation from Chinese. It is often to nickname someone with fruits or vegetables.) She asked about my birthday. It turned out that she got the dates wrong. I said to her, don’t worry about it. I will bring a cake over.

She said, how can you be the one buying the cake? I said, I know which cake I like.

Today she notified me that she will be home earlier for the cake eating. I know she is tight with time, so I said to her, don’t worry about it. But she is a stubborn person, so eventually we agreed on what she decided on.

Later she said to me, they had thought of a present for me. My first response was, ah, too troublesome for them, no no no. Don’t worry but I didn’t win the case again. She said they had gotten me lottery tickets. Hopefully I will win something.

It is coincidental that the number “three” sounds like fortune in Shanghainese. Perhaps this will bring some luck.

This is major, so we both started laughing madly.

She said birthdays still need to be celebrated so that the person will have a better luck to come. I replied to her that she has hit it right on.

So naturally both of us still laughing like crazy over the MSN with the exaggerated icons sending back and forth.

I was pretty excited. I said to her, I needed to go light up some incenses. It just so happened that I had taken some quality incenses back from Beijing.

All the suddenly my mood was lifted up.

I said to Winter Melon Mom that you really know me. I always thought that three is not a good number, hence some of my misfortune but now that you has said it, I wish there were more threes in it. It would be awesome to be born on March thirty-three, or, March thirteen realistically.

When I was in Taiwan, if I had the chance I would tell people that I had a friend named Winter Melon mom who would look after me if applicable. So they feel that she was very down to earth though they has not seen her. I think I have known her more than three years. Another three!

Maybe when I turn around in life I would still feel left out, but when I walk straight I realize how much I had gained.
Because there are always people around me who would come into my life and enlighten me throughout the course of my life.






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