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1.17.2007  House       (Chinese Version)


It was still the winter storm where the roads were still icy and covered in snow and sleets out there. This was the 3rd day into the winter storm. I was still inside. I got my news from the internet and found out where my possible next meal could be from MSN messenger. Yesterday I was invited to the Winter melon mom’s place for a hotpot. Today they were eating fried shrimps; they didn’t have fried tofu so I could only decline. I saw the lower corner of MSN has news on Huge Laurie and the Golden Globe. I have forgotten to watch it on Monday. All I remembered was to watch “24”. I guessed I can watch the re-run on MSN video to see what was going on.


During his acceptance speech Laurie was saying how he didn’t prepare a speech and that there ought to be a free acceptance speech in the gift bag that they get. What impressed me was his comment on how people would say they have the best crew or best team to work with; however, logically speaking that can’t all be true, logically.

To me this is like the speech given at the weddings or funerals. People always say so and so was the nicest person they know, an that they have the biggest heart for something. It just sounds a bit pretentious to me.

Seeing that this was a honest comment, so I go online to goggle him to see what else he said. I was indeed gossipy. I knew his father was a doctor who has won an Olympics medal in rowing. After browsing a few sites I realize I was still up to date with my information. I clicked one site that has his name in it. I like watching “House” but I am not devoted enough to actually go create a web site for it. So my contribution to the follow fans can only be clicking on the site to help create the page hits.

It was accidental that I checked out an interview he had on his parents. It turned out that his father has never told him that he had won the gold medal. The son found out about it from digging through a box in the attic and found a piece of item inside a sock. Naturally out of curiosity he looked and that was how he found out. Laurie said that he did plan to study medicine like his father had wished him to; however, it just wasn’t for him and that acting was more appealing. He got into rowing like his father but gave up when his team lost in the early competition.

Laurie said that both of his parents had high expectations for him which he is unable to meet. On one hand he idolized his father but on the other he was not able to meet his wish. His mother on the other hand just stated the fact that she disliked him which might last up to few months. The actor slipped into depression three years ago and was miserable to himself and to the people around him. He said the breaking point came when he was at a charity event and there were stockcars flipping on the sides of the road. At the time he realized how fragile yet how simple things should be. It was life or death. It was either you like it or dislike it. He realized he was just “too bored”.

He never stated his choice on that, but it was also clear which choice he made.

This was a very struggling life experience where it was deep and difficult. I think if he didn’t have this set back, he would have advance as much as he did now, both his life and his acting.
This originated as a simple gossip but more got pulled out as it got dug deeper. This was good at a time where the year has just begun. The hope is that time is not lost because of some unwise reason, both you and I.

You can spend all your life being bitter and complaining what life has given you, at a corner of a room, doesn’t mater if anyone hears you, and if you have been left out.

Or you can also think, was I too “bored”?






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