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4.22.2007   Sorrow     (Chinese Version)


Ten 'o clock at night tonight, I was in the middle of my Detective Conan episodes where Conan was solving the difficult cases. I was in the world of Conan when Winter Melon mom got online and sent me a message. She told me that there was a shooing at NASA today and that the news has been all over it today. She said it seemed there was some kind of conflict that resulted in the gun shooting with 2 deaths and one injure. Therefore the TV has been broadcasting about this. Winter melon dad made the comment that nowadays who would dare to make an argument when that could result in a gun shot? Everyone would be scared to be "the one".

Silent, we both were.

These past few days I have been reading the reports on Cho, how he came to US in 1992 and how a loner he was at school. He was being mocked at in middle school when kids told him to go back to China when he was from Korea. Since then he had been a quiet student in class and didn't make contact with anyone. When the teacher asked he to speak up, he sometimes would answer with a monotonic voice. In the plays that he wrote for class there were elements of violence and anger in a disturbing manner. From the readings I saw how a person became the way he was.

Was this avoidable?

I think his parents moved to US for his education and his future, just like many others. However, at the end, their son had become famous for the reason of being a murderer. How does karma explain all this?

Eventually the television stations had ceased to air his tape for its disturbing scenes, but how can one forget his posture, the way he held the hammer? Someone made the argument that the way Cho held the hammer was similar to a Korean film that has won awards. The posture explained the anger, hatred, violence, and being on the edge.

I was thinking how most of the news pieces I read emphasized that this was the most deadly killing in the modern US history. Well, if someone, for the wrong reason, wanted to be famous, then all this person needed to do was to commit a killing with number exceeding 33.

Winter melon mom said that in light of the recent news, she felt that this society has promoted for more violent confrontation and that killing seems not to be as a serious matter as it would have been, and should have been. She was very shocked. It seemed that anyone can do it.

Seeing the humanity being as such, how can one see past this, I committed with grief.

A long time ago I have read an article that was a letter from the victim's family to the killer. They had made the decision to forgive the killer, not that they weren't angry, but they had realized that only forgiveness could resolve anger. They chose to forgive him because they didn't wish to add more anger what an already angry society. They were sad for their loss, but they had to take an action.

I could only imagine the strength that would take for this decision to come forward.

The advancement of the technology allows the media report to prompt or even provoke anger at all corners of the world

One shooting news after another, in front of the silent key strokes, how many burdened souls.

Even though we all wish for that feather of hope does not fall, and wish not bear that pain when it falls.






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