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3.24.2008   Love Letter  (Chinese Version)

Love letter is ever lasting and enduring, and is fullness of sweetness on both ends.

It is the utter sincere representation of the moment, in return it seeks for the moving feeling from the receiver.

Several weeks ago, I went alone to watch the movie “PS: I Love You.” I was going to ask my brother to come, but he refused. Good, I would enjoy more by myself.

The movie started with the main female character, Holly, furiously walking home, with her husband, Gerry, following her. He kept apologizing to her, though he had no clue what he did wrong. He tried to avoid a what could turn into a bitter argument between the two. So he could only apologize. It was the very bickering that takes place between couples everywhere. The reason for the fight was that he said that she didn’t want to have children, but her concern was that they didn’t have enough saved up for it. The money issue and the story started; however, before they could age together, he passed away.

He left Holly alone in the apartment and all the time in the world without him. She didn’t know how to move on.

She stayed home and tried to remember him, his scent from clothes, his jokes, she tried to preserve his existence, in time and in space. She regretted having arguments with him and stuck in his memories; she couldn’t move on with his passing. But who could?

Such a dear person, such a person who cares for her the dearest?

Several weeks had passed and one day, she received a written letter from him on her birthday, encouraging her to move on with her life and have fun. She would keep getting letters from him asking her to do things she never did before.

This was not a storyline like “Ghost”, rather, Gerry wrote the letters during his final days, with the ways he came up to help her recover. It started with a simple talk between the two, he asked her what she would do if he passed away. He thought of ways to bring her back to life. He said he was a chapter to her life, while she was his life. At the end of every letter, he would put “PS: I Love You.” To remind her his love for her, but also, it was the pure representation of his feeling. I can imagine how he would have the silly smile on his face when he wrote those letters.

Right, what is love? That it makes people make promises to each other to death do them apart?

So it turns out, loving her means to have her keep her faith, let her have the ability to walk on her own proudly.

So despite leaving, still wishes her to be able to enjoy the surroundings, can be at peace with herself.

Good thing that I went alone to watch the movie, since my eyes were full of tears.

Sending out love in the letters, with dearest feelings poured, and one letter after one letter, only afraid of leaving out words.

Receiving love from the letters, in response with feelings echoing from the heart, one letter after one letter, not afraid if any paragraphs are not included.






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