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Butterfly Cookies Recipe

Yield: 1 servings (about 80 butterfly cookies)
       1     Package won ton wrappers
       1 c  Powdered sugar
              Oil for deep frying
PREPARATION: Cut each won ton wrapper into 2 rectangles. Lay one rectangle on top of the other to form a double thickness. Make three 1/2-inch slits in the center, lengthwise. To form a bow, pull one end through the middle slit.
COOKING: Deep fry butterflies until golden, about 1 minute or less. Drain on paper towel. Sift powdered sugar over both sides. Cool.
DO-AHEAD NOTES: These keep several weeks in air-tight containers. [Fat chance! They didn't even make it through the next day! S.C.]
COMMENTS: These can also be made from egg roll wrappers but they're three times as large. 

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