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Chinese Recipes Chinese Vegetables and Tofu

Chinese Vegetables and Tofu Recipe

Yield: 6 servings
       THE MUSTS:
       3 cl Garlic pressed or chopped
       1 ts Fresh ginger smashed/chopped
            Salt to tast
            Soy sauce to taste
       2    Celery stalks
       1    Onion
     1/2 c  Water

            THE VARIABLES:
            Green Pepper
            Bok Choy
            Napa cabbage
            Bean sprouts
            Water chestnuts
            Snow peas
            Green beans

   SAUTE garlic, ginger and salt, then celery and onoins.
   COOK over medium heat for 5 minutes ADD the
   longer-cooking vegetables one at a time SAUTE and stir
   each for a few minutes before adding the next ADD tofu
   after green pepper, carrots and mushrooms. ADD
   generous dashes of soy sauce over tofu ALLOW tofu to
   saute 5-6 minutes, then add cabbage COVER the pan and
   steam for 10 minutes ADD bean sprouts, if desired
   SPRINKLE with sesame seeds SERVE immediately over hot
   brown rice

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