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Xiao Long Tan Bao Recipe


Yield: 24 servings
      11 oz Pork loin with some fat,-chopped or ground coarse
       2 ts   Soy sauceXiao Long Bao
       1 tb   Sesame oil
       2 tb   Scallion greens, chopped
   1 1/2 ts Ginger root, chopped fine
       6 tb   Water
     1/4 c   Stiff aspic -(jellied stock)
     1/4      Recipe basic yeast dough


The Chinese for this dish can be transliterated as anything from "Show loong tong bow" to "Hsiao lung t'ang pao" to Xiao long tang bao* Little juicy steamed
rolls ...Juicy steamed buns with pork
Mix first 8 ingredients. Divide into 24 portions. Cut aspic into 24 portions. Knead dough 5 min; roll out into a thin baguette; cut into 24 pieces. Flatten each piece into a 2" round; then go around with your fingers and squeeze the edges thin - the result should be a medium-thin center and a thin outside. Put 1 portion (1/2 oz) filling in the center of each round; top with 1 portion of aspic. Bring up the sides of each round and twist up in a decorative pattern, making sure to seal the top. If holes appear, patch them at once!
Put each dumpling on a square of waxed paper or a piece of bok choy leaf and steam, preferably in a bamboo steamer, for 8 min. Serve hot.
Note on aspic:
If you don't have any on hand, use about 1 1/2 c of homemade chicken broth (or good-quality canned low-salt broth): boil 1 c of broth, uncovered, for about 2 min (reducing it quite a bit) while dissolving 1 envelope gelatin in the other 1/2 c. Mix together and stir over low heat until all gelatin is dissolved. Chill. This will make a hard aspic, enough for 3 recipes of this dim sum.

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