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Bilingual Tofu Recipe


Garden Grove, California, February 3, 2009 House Foods, America s tofu specialists since 1983, has teamed up with Chinese culinary star Chef Theresa Lin, author of 16 cookbooks who is best known for her food design on the set of the film, Eat Drink Man Woman, to develop a bilingual recipe collection celebrating China s two thousand year old culinary staple. Chef Theresa s English and Chinese language recipes showcase tofu s versatility in the Chinese diet.

Tofu is at the heart of China s culinary tradition, enjoyed by an entire nation for over two thousand years, said Theresa Lin. I love sharing my special recipes for cooking tofu with a new generation of American and Chinese home cooks.

From braising to sautéing and steaming, Chef Lin s quick and accessible recipes showcase tofu s many facets in Chinese cuisine. She uses House Foods Tofu in soft and medium firmness levels and Tofu Shirataki Noodles along with the House Foods line of spices to create:

Steamed Tofu and Fish a melt-in-your mouth pairing of tofu and salmon served with a light ginger soy broth.

Braised Tofu perfect for a cold winter day, this combination of tofu braised with mushrooms, carrots, and peas in a chicken stock warms you up and is also good for you.

Tofu and Winter Vegetable Soup enjoy tofu with the season s bounty of root veggies such as pumpkin, carrots, and turnips in a savory broth flavored with House Foods Oden no Moto soup mix and a blend of seven peppers.

Tofu Shirataki Chinese Salad a crisp, beautifully arranged salad of Tofu Shirataki Noodles, carrots, celery stalks, and napa cabbage brought to life with Szechwan seasonings.

Mushrooms and Tofu Shirataki with Wasabi Sauce earthy and spicy, this tofu shirataki noodle dish packs big flavors using House Foods wasabi and rayu chili.

The American home cook is catching on to tofu s ease of use and health benefits and is eager to experiment with tofu in new forms and flavors. At the same time, a new generation of Chinese home cooks in the US is celebrating their culture by preparing traditional meals, said Yoko Difrancia, House Foods marketing manager. Chef Lin s bilingual recipes reach both audiences while highlighting the tofu s benefits and the cuisine of its birthplace.

About Theresa Lin

Acclaimed Chef Theresa Lin is the author of 16 cookbooks and is best known for food design on the set of Director Ang Lee s film, Eat Drink Man Woman. She is the host of a Chinese television cooking show in the United States and can be heard on her radio program, What's Cooking, on KAZN AM 1300 in Los Angeles. Chef Lin is also a food critic and consultant for Chinese Restaurant News.

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